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Improvisation background

In my quest to expand my skills as a performer and musician, I regularly seek improvisation opportunities and collaborations. As a musician, improvisation has always been a part of my practice, but in previous years it was always connected to singing within a jazz form. I studied my undergrad in singing performance at Chichester and had some wonderful jazz teachers including Rod Paton and Nick Reynolds. A higlight of my studies was having the chance to sing alongside Julian Joseph when he visited to play with our big band for a radio 3 session.

In my late teens and early twenties, I had the pleasure of performing with some other great jazz players due to their artistic generosity, some of the most influential where Uwe Steinmetz and Ben Schwendener.

I now strive to continue this art of play and exploration and in following that desire, I have co-founded ICEBERG. ICEBERG is a group of four artist with different performance practices, who are all committed to highlighting improvisation as a dynamic, high skilled and inclusive art form.

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