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I co-founded ICEBERG in 2018 with Eilon Morris, Penny Chivas and Zoe Katsilerou we are a group of four performers from different practices all with improvisation at the heart of our work. We facilitate public workshops, create performance opportunities and seek to nurture peer to peer workshop environments for multidisciplinary artists whether early stage artists, students or professional practitioners.

In 2019 with support from Creative Scotland and Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow we set up WIG - Weekend of Improvisation in Glasgow. The three day event was set up as a biannual event with funding for two years. The objective being to create peer to peer space to support proffesional improvisation practioners in Scotland and to also bring the practice to more individuals through public performance and workshops for those with different levels of experience.

WIG III happened in Jan 2020 and artists involved where Vonnegut Collective, Molly Danter, Stephanie Arsoska and Something Smashing. I performed a solo set and also as part of ICEBERG.

I opened the evening with a vocal improvisation set, heres a review.

'The evening begins with a short, multi-layered sung improvisation from Nicolette Macleod, which sends skin-tingling ripples of sound reverberating around the space.'
Roisin O'brien, The Skinny, reviewing WIG

WIG IV will not be talking place in the way we imaged due to C19. However we will be creating something creative to mark when the event would have been taking place.

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