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Mixtape was a project created in collaboration with the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. I was part of the creative team with Erin Carter and Neshla Caplan. We wanted to make a platform for new theatre writing that incorporated original music in Glasgow.

The project came from a desire to support new writers and help forge relationships between artists from different disciplines, to then feed into Glasgow's theatre scene.

We ran the project for a season and were offered the opportunity to continue, sadly due to us all being freelancers, with other commitments, we where unable to carry on.

The title Mixtape was created by Erin Carter and tied into the idea of having a couple of short shows on at each event in the Tron Bar.

I worked with two of the writers invloved and composed works for their plays. Here is a song I wrote whilst working alongside writer Corrine Salisbury using her lyrics.


  1. You floor me

'To me, making a tape is like writing a letter - there's a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again...'

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