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The Sea and Me

Touring in 2020 - The Sea and Me.

My sales pitch :)

In this witty, personal and moving show Nicolette Macleod talks about marine exploration, conservation and Scotland’s very own aquatic creatures and treasures. Armed with a guitar, loop pedal and her mesmerising clear voice, Nicolette creates a beautiful seascape of sounds overlaid with British Isle folk songs, original works and some popular classics. In candidly talking about personal challenges like whether or not to go to the great barrier reef alongside anecdotes about holidays be the sea. This show gives us the opportunity to think about our personal relationship with the sea, it's creatures and what we are doing to preserve it and in turn, ourselves.

'Genuine and by turns moving and funny, her voice blew the audience away.' 

- Hannah Grist

'Laughing doesn’t even begin to cover it, gasping for breath might. She is brilliant’ 

- Jono Clarke Logan

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