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You can listen or purchase my album, find examples of my composition work, info about my solo show 'The Sea and Me' and my podcast 'SeaGazing'. If you want to connect, there is my mailing list, all the usual socials and you can email me for anything work related.

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Here is a recent video talking about my show 'The Sea and Me.' I created it for The Rural Touring Network as one of their supported artists for the 'Spotlight Sessions' that took place in August 2020.

About me - the chatty version

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I am a singer-songwriter, composer, live improvised sound maker and performer based in Glasgow. I love the human voice, the act of singing and exploring objects and their sounds. Lots of my songs first come to me as a vocal line, often with incoherant words and then grow from there. I see myself as a vocalist before a poet, I have the desire to communicate which comes out through song or sometimes a piano line. Some songwriters are poets firsts, singers second, for a long time I have judged my own intuitive way of writing believing it should be more refined, clever and academic. I am constantly re-learning and appreciating my own way of working, that lives in my being, knowing and voice.

I started to compose and perform my own music after I graduated from a classical performance degree where I'd also done a lot of jazz singing, turning up to folk venues in silk dresses and looking audiences in the eye. I was something of an oddity not relaxed enough for folk and not conventional enough for classsical. After a few years of gigging and some informative music colloborations, I composed work for a choreographer and for a few plays.

In doing these projects I found my desire to connect my skills together as a performer and composer. I wanted to learn more about the connection between music, movement and theatre and decided to do some more training. I looked at a number of courses and fell for an MA in Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the cost was prohibitive so I raised the money to study with a Kickstarter campaign. Some people were suprised by that choice but I knew I wanted the rigor of this practical training where we sang, danced, worked technically on text and made new work. 'Conventional' musical theatre is not my favourite genre I will readily admit and I often found myself out of my comfort zone but I believe that is some of the best training any creative and performer can have.

I try to regurlarly challenge myself with projects I take on and really enjoy working and learning with new creative teams. I am currently in the process of creating a solo show called 'The Sea and Me' which will be touring in 2022 and a podcast called 'Sea Gazing' that explores our seas, communities and conservation work happening in Scotland and the uk.


Here are a few reviews:

...and the gorgeous quality of Nicolette Macleod’s music, which ranges from quiet accompaniment to exquisite songs, both new and familiar.
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, reviewing Curious Shoes
'The evening begins with a short, multi-layered sung improvisation from Nicolette Macleod, which sends skin-tingling ripples of sound reverberating around the space.'
Roisin O'brien, The Skinny, reviewing WIG
Sit down for this one. Nicolette Macleod is going to change your life. Macleod has a gritty authenticity that you just don’t hear much in music these days. There’s a dash of Janis and a bit of Joni in her work. But there’s a lot of uniqueness to the vocal quality that Macleod brings, highlighting the raw and engaging lyrics. This track has the potential to shake up the folk genre if it gets to the right audiences. It’s powerful.
Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground, reviewing Love and Gold