Solo shows

So I have some upcoming solo shows. Think vocal improvisation over natural foley sounds, folk songs and orginal tracks with chat to the audience in between.

I also have my sea themed show below which I was touring in spring 2022. Here is what one of the venues said, more info about the show below.

"Nicolette has an incredible voice, is brilliant to work with and we had overwhelmingly positive feedback following her show. We would strongly recommend both her and her music to other venues.”

Verity Roberts, Culture & Creative Officer, The Rockfield Centre – Oban

The Sea and Me

Armed with a guitar, loop pedal and her mesmerising clear voice Nicolette creates a beautiful seascape of sounds with British Isle folk songs, her originals and some popular classics.

Weaving together song, stories and personal anecdotes Nicolette explores themes of marine conservation, exploration and the magnitude of the sea. The show gives us the opportunity to think about our personal relationship with the sea, its creatures and what we are doing to preserve it and in turn, ourselves.

For more info about booking the show please email

- Hannah Grist

As part of her research for The Sea and Me Nicolette has created a podcast with her friend Graham Richardson called ‘SeaGazing’. They talk to individuals working in communities and marine conservation in Scotland. Read more and listen here.

Some projects I mention in the show and a couple of others

These guys are great. We interviewed them for the SeaGazing podcast in 2020. Find out about their whale and dolphin tracker app and more projects here.

Find out how you can get involved in national Whale and Dolphin watch week in July 2022 here.

Read about an inspiring kelp forest restoration project in Sussex here.

Read about a restoration project nearer to nome. With a community led marine habitat restoration project here is Scotland called Seawilding, read here.
I had a lovely interview with Danny Renton in 2020 for SeaGazing. Have a listen here on the SeaGazing podcast.

Read about the first community-developed Marine Protected Area in Scotland. And the find out about the successes of their No Take Zone, read more here.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenny Stark who works at Coast back in 2020 for the SeaGazing podcast.

Read about our first hope spot in Scotland and the Uk. And find out more about the flapper skate and it’s habitat here.

Look at other hope spots around the world here.

See the wide range of community groups connected to our seas in Scotland and read about our coastal communities network here.

SeaGazing Podcast listen here

Folk Alliance show

Here is a show from Folk Unlocked at Folk Alliance International in February 2021.

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