Map Tracks

Last year I chosen to be one of the artists for a snorkling residency in the Argyle Coast and Islands Hope Spot. In response to my time I created a series of improvised piano tracks, song sketches and podcast episodes. I also created a visual image exploring the idea of body, land and vintage maps.

You can listen to Hope Spot map tracks here

You can listen to the Seagazing podcast episodes here

Whilst snorkling I was struck by the movement, the constant movement and denial/rejection of stasis in the sea. I sometimes found that disorienting, whilst being in the water and sometimes I found it so incredibly calming. Watching sea weed move and creatures floating or swimming past. To be alive we are always in motion. Even when sitting our heart beats and we breathe. The sea is such a beautiful reminder of this fact of me.

In the these tracks I have played with the delicious and changing movement of the sea, the dancing of sea grass and kelp. The wonderment of seeing an anemone or light bulb sea squirt.

Whilst on the Snorkling residency we where supported and accompanied by a wonderful artist and sea life photographer Louise Scammell. I spent time re-revisiting her images to land myself back in our seas and specifically our Argyll Hope spot. Her images are shared here.