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Bodies of Water

A collaboration between myself, Saffy Setohy, Aya Kobayashi and Joanna Young. Bodies of Water is a playful multi-sensory experience weaving together dance, performance, sound and visual art.

For this show I composed and programmed a pre-recorded multi speaker surround sound design that could tour with the show and be triggered via CueLab. Because of the nature of the work I needed to compose a sound score that was flexible enough to have moveable cues. Through programming different sonic layers that where cued at different times I was able to create an organic and responsive sonic score. I worked with technician Jamie Grier to set up the six touring speakers and some of the natural sampled sounds where recorded by Jamie McCarthy.

We encounter water in our everyday lives, it gives us life and flows through us. All of us have a memory and a relationship with it. Our environment is awash with water through our coastlines, rivers and lochs. Water is energy, it destroys and it creates. We invite you to immerse yourselves in an exploration of our relationship with this transformative element.

Funded by Creative Scotland through the Open Fund, with support from The Touring Network, The Work Room, Findhorn Bay Arts, North Light Arts/John Muir Open, Pavilion Dance via Surf the Wave Seed Fund. Developed in the context of BRAW, an audience engagement research project. This show toured in 2019 and is due to tour again in 2020.

'Nicolette Macleod’s haunting, effervescent musical soundtrack'
Lorna Irvine, fjord review, reviewing Bodies of Water
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