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Decode This

Decode This was a colloboration between myself and choreographer, performer Tamar Daly. A show about the complexities of communication, the confusion and the humour that can stem from text messages. The show premiered at The Place, London in 2013. We later performed it at the Brighton Fringe and delivered workshops focusing on creative communication and working relationships between composer and choreographer for A-level dance students.

‘Decode This is consummate, professional-class level. Vocalist Nicolette Corcoran sends Morse code signals to dancer Tamar Daly, who flinches and jolts in time with the dit-dit-dahs. There are bits of a story about a possibly stalkerish phone message; and one about a secret rendezvous coded in the classifieds; and one about a love that must be sealed with an X, via SMS. A sound loop builds up wistful songs and clamorous chatter, Daly spells the alphabet in body rhythm, and there’s a race between the pudgy thumbs of texting and the twitchy forefinger of Morse. All this – plus the implicit idea of our voices and bodies as conduits in a multimedia network – sounds unmanageably complex, yet Daly and Corcoran deftly carry it off with a disarmingly light touch.’
Sanjoy Roy, reviewing Decode This
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