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I was commisioned by Pitlochry Festival Theatre to write the score for Heritage, a play by Nicola McCartney which was directed by Richard Baron for the 500+ seat theatre. When I first read the script I was struck by the amazing poetry in the language and the reaccuring poetic and dramatic themes.

Working together with Richard before the rehearsals I created sonic motifs for the different characters and themes. There needed to be a reference to the musical traditions that had been carried from Ireland but there was also an invitation for some lyrical and dramatic orchestration to support the text. With a combination of authentic sounding digital instruments and acoustic instruments I created the score.

Heritage was orginally premiered at the Traverse in 1998. The story is set in Canada in the early 20th century and follows two immigrant families who find that Northern Ireland’s sectarian divide follows them into their new lives. The show had not been proffesionaly re-staged until Richard Baron of Firebrand Theatre company requested to direct it at Pitlochry with his team; lightning designer Wayne Dowdeswell and costume/set designer Ken Harrison.

You can read an interview with Nicola McCartney about Heritage on The Scotsman's website.

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