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I Can Get Along Without Shoes on my Feet

A verbatim piece created by Marietta Clare and Fiona Mackinnon, shortlisted for a Sky Arts Award. A cast of three actors and myself shared a collection of stories from people of Glasgow, highlighting individuals stories of triumph and struggle and how music and dance has accompanied them through.

'the entire audience was left with that warm afterglow one gets after visiting our favourite granny.'
Mumble Theatre, reviewing I Can Get Along Without Shoes on my Feet

The piece was premiered at 'On the Verge' Festival in The Arches venue in Glasgow. We were then supported to further develop the show at the National Theatre of Scotland. The first cast was Tori Burgess, Sarah Miele and Nicole Goeden Ubbelohde. The second cast was Kim Allen, Lucy Goldie and Tori Burgess.

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