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Mlle Y

Mlle Y is a piece of choreographed theatre based on Stringberg's one act play 'The Stronger', which premiered in 2009 at The New Venture Theatre as part of the Brighton Fringe. Choreographer and performer Tamar Daly, comissioned me to compose a series of original songs, using the text from the play.

This was the first time I composed music for theatre, performing live with my loop pedal, all of the songs were accapella vocals with multiple harmonic layers.

‘Experimental vocalist Nicolette Corcoran began her musical set with the powerful incantation Thief, looping her voice to create eerie, oceanic harmonies. The songs inspired by the play’s text and stage directions were intense and compelling’
Rosie Clarke, The Argus, reviewing Mlle Y
‘Her lovely voice took us on a journey that we didn’t want to end.’
Sascha Cooper, Fringe Review, reviewing Mlle Y

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