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Motion Picture Stills with Mark Horwood

Motion Picture Stills is the album I created with composer and musician Mark Horward whilst I was living in Brighton, a dreamy, ambient and spacious cushion of sound for your ears. Mark was the keys player and orchestrater for The Mummers, a wonderful theatrical and magical band that worked out of his studio in West Sussex. Our relationship first started with a impromtu backing vocals session that turned into a late night whisky session, from then our friendship and musical bond was formed. As a experienced musician I can work with anyone but there are special creative collaborations and this was one of them.

I proceeded to write and record the backing vocals for The Mummers album 'Tale to Tale' with Mark and shared some of the excitment when they played on Jools Holland and at Glastonbury recieving prime radio attention.

Mark and I then began our own project Corkwood, we landed a publishing deal and had tracks on Australian feature film 'Anyone you Want,' a short 'The City' and a local Brighton documenty 'Tale of Two Stories.'

The track in the player is Sandman from 'Anyone you Want'.

Devistatingly Mark commited suicide in the autumn of 2009. It has been one of the saddest experiences of my life and has taken a long time to ride out the ripples of grief. It is my desire to release the album in the coming year to raise awareness of the mental health taboo that still exists. The money raised will go to 'Music Minds Matter,' If you want to keep up to date with the release and this project you can join the dedicated mailing list.

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