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The Legend of the Fourth King

Working remotely with composer Aga Serugo-Lugo, I arranged and recorded the vocals in my home studio for the show which premiered at The Barn Theatre, London.

A one man show 'Legend of The Forth King' was performed by John Locke and directed by Elisabeth Tooms. The play was based on the classic story by Edzard Schaper, adapted for stage by Hugh Steadman Williams.

The “Little King” learns of the pending birth of the long awaited saviour and sets out alone, with only his little pony for company, on a quest to find the Lord of Lords. He follows the same star as the Three Wise Men. But unlike the Magi our Little King never arrives at the Stable. Adventures, promises and sacrifice leave him enslaved, sick, bereft and friendless. But he never gives up hope.

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