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My five Bandcamp album recommendations for May


In March I wrote a post with five album recommendations as Bandcamp had a day were they gave artists 100% of the sales, well they are doing it again on Friday 1st of May so here are another five recommendations:

Bandcamp are the best platform for artists in terms of commission anyway so if you miss the day don't worry you're still supporting independent music!

James Blackshaw Apologia

This is an acoustic album of guitar works with some lovely folk/blues inspired finger picking style. Saw this guy play a long time ago in Brighton and he was great.

Rachel Sermanni So It Turns

A human with a seriously gorgeous voice, wonderful guitar skills who grafts strong and delicate poetic songs. I recently had the pleasure of watching one of Rachel’s live streams on Instagram she comes across as such a lovely and genuine person. I also saw her play as part of electric night at the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall a few years ago for Celtic Connections and she really shone out.

Jo Mango Transformuration

Reimagined remix album of a previous album of Jo Mango’s that makes for a chilled, spacious and interesting listen with a wonderful depth of rich and warming electronic sounds.

Sons of Noel and Adrian Sons of Noel and Adrian…/sons-of-noel-and…

A dark and rich orchestral folk album. I used to live with two members of this band so had the pleasure of hearing these guys rehearse every Monday. Brilliant collection of musicians created this piece of work.

C Duncan Architect

Smooth and intricate melodies, tight beats and enveloping production. This album was a very important part of my first year moving to Glasgow. One of those albums that just goes on repeat! A neighbour of mine played me this album first before an official release as she knew one of the band members and we sat on her sofa drinking wine and just enjoying.
Seen these guys live and they are super tight.