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I am very excited to officially share the release of my podcast SeaGazing. The podcast is about the Scottish coast, it's communities and conservation work taking place along it. To listen straight away head here. To find out more about it's origins, read on.

The idea of the podcast came during the first lockdown 2020 when I was doing research for my solo show 'The Sea and Me' and realised I probably wouldn't be touring for a while. I was also so inspired reading about different projects and individuals and thought, there's no way I can fit everything I want to into a one hour show. I wanted to find a nice way to document my research and keep it going.

I am not an expert in anything marine related but now I have an excuse to interview knowledgable people. I have spoken to some wonderful people so far and I hope the work will stand as a valuable audio resource for other people's enquiries and as an addition to my solo show.

I have been working with friend and science communicator Graham Richardson who edits, co-hosts and helps with research for the show. Jedidiah Broadbent has been helping with audio, website, distribution and also created the logo which I love.

I believe our Seas require more protection, responsible management and existing laws need to be enforced. I think that education, engagement and grass roots movements can play a part in creating that change.