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Bandcamp recommendations for February


Some of personal favourites for your Bandcamp Friday

The act of purchasing music is a powerful one. If we all want to continue to live in a world with new music and living artists we must support them when we can. So here are some artist I would suggest you listen to and if you like their music. Buy their album today and they will get all the money from the purchase of that album.

Black Lung

by Rioghnach Connolly

I first heard Rioghnach her sing during lockdown thanks to 'folk on foot' Festival 2. It's was held on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday and I had taken the day off and did a lot of cooking whilst listening to music. It was a very enjoyable day, there's another one coming up on valentines day

I was deeply impressed by her vocals, I love hearing a jazz, blues and folk mix in a vocal. I particularly like her version of black is the colour. She's brilliant and so are the arrangements.

Listen and purchase here

Songs of Our Native Daughters

by Our Native Daughters

I found this album on a deliberate search to show wider representation in folk music and here are some really powerful songs sung and played by amazing African American women. There's such a mixture of songs on here, one of their listeners says it better than I can. 'Tales of horror - but of strength, hope and love too. Beautiful melodies, exquisite vocals, I love this album!'

It has got great instrumentation with a blues vibe and their mix of vocal textures grouped together is gorgeous.

Listen and purchase here

The Trials Of Van Occupanther

by Midlake

This is probably one of my most listened to albums of 2020. It was released in 2006 and I found it sometime last year. I don't know how, it's been described as an instant classic and I would agree. I had the sensation of knowing all the songs. And not in a boring, I know the next chord change way. It reminds me of Fleetwood mac, Fleet foxes and I love it. I hope you do to.

Listen and purchase here

Into The Trees

by Zoe Keating

Zoe Keating is a wonderful creative artists working in different areas some of her work might be familiar to fans of the onbeing podcast. A favourite of mine. I saw her in 2019 play alongside Imogen Heap and I would love to see her perform solo too. She creates wonderful cinematic scapes of cellos. In her own brief bio on Bandcamp. 'A one women cello orchestra.'

Listen and purchase here