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Enter in 2023


January 2023

Sounds scratch at my skin and ears and I try to focus on one thought as they jostle for my attention. What next. I did have a plan. I do, I could write it now for you now. Proving that ‘I have a purpose’…. But that doesn’t stop the low decimal hum of panic.

Another year.

I had planned on writing one of those love and hope filled new years messages. I’m fabulous and you are fabulous. Which is true and I believe that will come. But right now I send you a moment in time in the form of a song I wrote this week. As a gentle acknowledgement that lots of people are experiencing challenges at this time.

So I say, hello human. I am human like you.

And sometimes this is what is present for me. And that doesn’t mean that in the same day or hour I wont feel joy, love and excitement. Because from experience I know that’s possible.

We are wonderful beings. Who can hold many feelings in us and can bare many things.

I hope to set eyes on you in the coming year.

This comes with love,


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