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Moving out of winter


Spring enters and with my simmering excitement I am also aware of my feelings of grief. Letting them in, so that the waves can pass through me and move me on. Rather than tightening and bracing myself and denying what is...I slowly unfurl my hands and bodies grip. To let go of things I thought I wanted or deserved. Learning again to accept that all I need is food, water, air and shelter. Love and rest.

Recently I was talking to a friend. I found myself noticing that I was holding myself up to a capitalist ideal. Judging whether I had gathered enough wealth or got enough new contracts and contacts since I had last spoken to them. To somehow prove that I am worthy or important. I don’t believe the capitalist model is supporting the wellbeing of our world and all that lives in it. So why would I want to use that model for myself….this is a thought I have been sitting with this week.

Below I share a video I made on a late night train journey between Dingwall and Inverness, heading home after working away earlier this month. When I got home I improvised some piano for it.

This is sent out with love

Nicolette x

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