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Listening through the body


An audio session for WIG IV - ONLINE

When we realised that WIG would need to go online, we, the ICEBERG team had a conversation around different online workshop formats. I had during lockdown been asked to create the sound design for an audio class led by Aya Kobayashi for Barrowland Ballet and had so enjoyed this process that I decided I would have a go myself. I was also very keen to offer something that wasn't screen based and could potentially been done outside if that option is available to people. So if you fancy it...

Listening through the body

  1. Listening through the body

An audio led session with sound design, composition and prompts. You will be invited to explore improvised movement and sound, starting with a gentle physical warm up. If you have comfortable headphones or decent speakers please use them as this will enhance your listening experience.

The session will invite participants to give time to listening and responding with the body. This work is informed by Nicolette’s interest in natural sounds and environments, found objects, sound-design and the voice.


A number of the tracks I have used are from my exisiting body of music composition.

Singing Architectures - A solo site specific improvisation project. You can read more about in the dedicated journal entry and see the video that goes with the track.

Heritage - A play by Nicola McCartney. I was commissioned to compose the sound track for last year at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Bodies of Water - A project with three other Glasgow based artists. Joanna Young, Saffy Setohy and Aya Kobayashi. A playful multi-sensory experience weaving together dance, performance, sound and visual art. To read more about this project head to Bodies of Water in the projects section. You can listen to some of the other tracks below.

Bodies of Water

  1. Sea wash - Bodies of Water
  2. Sawtaerata - Bodies of Water
  3. Underwater - Bodies of Water
  4. Bubbles - Bodies of Water