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My first album Love and Gold is out now!


Love and Gold is a varied collection of original and traditional songs. The original songs I have written and arranged over the last ten years, some of the traditional folk songs I have been singing much longer.

I recorded them all in Glasgow over the space of 12 days and multi-tracked the whole thing. The title of the album is taken from a poem by Edwin Waugh which I arranged and perform at gigs but didn’t end up including it in the album.

If you would like to pick it up you can get both the physical and digital versions at Bandcamp. If you preorderd the album on Bandcamp (Thank you <3) it should now be available on your account. You can also get the digital version in all the usual places like iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Or you can listen here on the site:

Love and Gold

  1. Father Father
  2. Opium and Smoke
  3. Spider
  4. The Moorland Witch
  5. She Moved Through the Fair
  6. Swallow
  7. 1919
  8. Just a Drop
  9. Down by the Salley Gardens
  10. Mechanical Animal

A big thank you to Luigi Pasquini at Anchor Lane Studio who recorded and co-produced the album and Jon Astley at Close To The Edge who did the mastering.