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Music video for 1919


I've uploaded a video for my song 1919 to YouTube. I originally released the song as a pre-release from my album last year on the 31st December to mark the 100th anniversary of the Iolaire disaster.

I wrote this song after reading about the Iolaire disaster. A tragedy that struck the isle of Lewis in 1919. In the early hours of the morning a ship filled with men returning home after the end of World War One crashed just off the coast a mile away from Stornaway harbour. Over 200 men died whilst family watched helpless from the shore. 82 survived of which 40 where brought to shore by a single individual John F. Macleod. He is not a direct relative though he lived close to my family on Lewis.

If you're stuck for christmas present ideas you can always make a donation to the RNLI on behalf of someone.