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I have had the desire to create a solo show for a number of years. One that incorporates my skills as a singer - songwriter, communicator, composer and performer for theatre. When I was studying for my MA I was asked to created a solo cabaret. I drove my mentor to despair because I kept changing topic, I must have written about 12 show ideas before I landed on my choice. I think in retrospect I was trying too earnestly to communicate a 'message' and find the 'right' theme. I finally landed on the topic of something that I love and wanted to talk about - 'The Sea.'

The sea is so beautifully woven into so many strories of my life and many lives of others.

The show was successful and I loved performing it, in 2018 I had the perfect opportunity to perform it again. I was approached by The Edinburgh Science Festival who asked if I would like to re-work it for their 2019 event called 'The Ocean and Us' I was able to expand the show to include more scientific facts and information about conservation.

Once I started doing more research I found it challanging to craft something into the length of time required, there was so much to say and sing. The event was a success and I approached the Science Festival in 2019 to see if I could do more with them in 2020. They commisioned me to weave an evening together with song as a host for different speakers talking about the sea. Sadly this was cancelled due to Corvid19.

In writing a proposal for them I realised I really wanted to take the show further. So I have started devoping it at home researching and writing more. The show has been accpeted by The Rural Touring Network to be part of the Gathering (now postponed) and the support artists programme.

The Sea and Me

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The Sea and Me
An hour long show that weaves together song, stories and personal anecdotes exploring themes of marine conservation, exploration and the magnitude of the sea. Armed with a guitar, loop pedal and her mesmerising clear voice Nicolette creates a beautiful seascape of sounds overlaid with arranged British Isle folk songs, her originals and some popular classics. In candidly talking about personal challenges like whether or not to go to the great barrier reef alongside anecdotes about holidays spent at the seaside. This show gives us the opportunity to think about our personal relationship with the sea, its creatures and what we are doing to preserve it and in turn, ourselves.

The show will highlight some of the work of amazing individuals like conservationists Sylvie Earle ‘Her Deepness’ the first women to walk on the bottom of the ocean in 1979, at 381 metres and Charlie Vernon ‘The godfather of Coral’ who has discovered more than 21% of the worlds coral species. Nicolette also shines a light on some of Scotland's own aquatic treasures. The 330 million year old shark fossil found in Bearsden and now affectionately known as the ‘Bearsden Shark.’ Our own cold reef system to the north of Scotland and how it’s been protected.

This tour is part of a bigger project I'm creating working in partnership with a community facilitator and trained marine biologist creating spaces for conversation in communities around our ever changing environment.