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My five Bandcamp album recommendations for March


If you can, buying music straight from the artist is always the best way to give artists the most money for their work. I love buying a cd or record at a gig because I then always remember that show whenever I play it at home. However, there are also other alternatives, buying music through Bandcamp is one of them and that is something I want to do more of myself. With Bandcamp artists have the option of personalised pages and can sell digital, physical music and merch. I do believe that as company they actually care and even if they don't at least they are actually working for a sustainable and creative model.

'Bandcamp's mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it.'

And right now Bandcamp are highlighting the fact that many musicians will be struggling to survive at the moment due to losing any gigging work. They have decided to waive their fees for today (20th March), so I have made a list of artists for you to check out if you fancy buying some new music. Having said that, anytime is a good time to buy new music, but i've enjoyed making this list, its a mixture of Scottish and not Scottish artists.

WHɎTE Fairich

I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys live in Glasgow and really like the sounds that they make. A wonderful Scottish duo, WHYTE infuse original and traditional Gaelic song with the newest techniques in electronica. I've just started listening to this album and am really enjoying it.

Kristin McClement The Wild Grips

A beautiful, thoughtful and poetic album. A work of art, with gorgeous arrangments and intimate vocals from Krisitin McClement. I might be baised but I think it deserves all the praise! I used to live with Kristin in very musical household in Brighton so I can vouch that she is also a wonderful human as well as a stunning siren.

Bea Sanjust Larosa

This evocative, sun filled album is a favourate with Bea's wonderful distinct vocals set in layered strings and fresh orchestration in a place where folk meets pop. Again I could be biased as I had the pleasure of living with Bea alongside Kristin in Brighton but I don't think so, she is a also another wonderful human as well as an Italian beauty.

Siobhan Wilson There Are No Saints

A wonderful intimate gig at the Glad Cafe in Glasgow with a room packed with fans it was a very compelling gig. Thats the first time I heard Siobhan, she has a lovley smooth voice and set it off with textured electric guitar. I came away with a copy of this record, it has a lovley mix of tracks on it.

Iain Morrison Eas

This album is one that is often played in our flat, I have enjoyed it on car journeys through the hebrides and on a tour last year the whole van enjoyed it! For me it has a wonderful ancient quality about it, a mellow and rich album which calls me to see wide open landscapes and is perfect for a travel soundtrack. Emotive vocals and lyrics with sensitive precise arrangments.