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Song for mother's day


So news is emerging that we shouldn't take unneccassary trips or take journeys we don't have to. We have not yet had the official lock down message but my parents very wisely have chosen to cancel their visit up to Glasgow. Which is sad but I belive they have made the right choice. I want to do something for my mother to tell her I miss her and am thinking of her on mothers day. (I am not normally big on named days)

I would like to write a song and send it by the end of the day, I have never written, recorded and created a film for a song in one day!

EDIT: Here it is! - 'Breath before the Cry'

Film footage was found on ( and used under a Creative Commons license. I love the feeling of love and family from the footage and that little girl is the cutest. Makes me wonder where she is now and what she is doing.

Jedidiah at Ursaluna studio helped me with the film editing, I recorded a single live take with no audio editing or effects at all, just a little reverb on my SM58 mic through my RC-505 pedal.